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Greece, with its sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, and a tapestry of history woven deep into its lands, has always been the epitome of idyllic escapes. For many Greek families settled abroad, the dream of establishing their personal retreat back home becomes stronger as the years go by. The allure of building a holiday or even a retirement home amidst the picturesque landscapes of Greece is undeniable. However, seamlessly blending the rich Grecian heritage with contemporary designs requires a touch of expertise, a nuance of understanding, and a deep-rooted passion for architecture.

Enter Unity Design. Led by the visionary Matina Tsatsi, our team dedicates itself to the art of crafting dream spaces. With an academic backdrop in Interior Design, Civil Engineering, and an enriched experience from the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Matina understands the intricate balance between tradition and innovation. Unity Design’s holistic approach ensures that each home is not only an architectural marvel but also resonates with the soul of its owner. By weaving together the threads of Greek tradition and modern aesthetics, we aspire to create sanctuaries that beckon families back to their roots, while offering all the comforts and luxuries of contemporary living.